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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chance of a Lifetime...originally posted on:

The Chance of a Lifetime for a mom that NEVER gets out!

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On May 19th, 2012, I had the opportunity (and have to say THRILL) to see Tyler Hilton perform an amazing acoustic show at Cafe Dekcuf, headlining his first show in Ottawa, where an overwhelming demand decided a second show was in order the following night, an “All Ages” evening for the younger fans who were unable to get into the Saturday show at Mavericks just downstairs.

 Tyler and me!

A lot of you may be trying to figure out who Tyler Hilton is and why his name sounds familiar, you may recognize him from the CW Network’s One Tree Hill, which has recently wrapped up its series (after nine seasons) earlier this month.
CIMG1005He played Chris Keller, an arrogant musician who first arrived in the 2004-2007 seasons. He set out to cause as much trouble as he could and continually referring to himself in the third person. He returned for the final season, where he was still arrogant at times and still referred to himself in the third person, but this time around there was more to him: he ran a record label, got to sing more, did some action scenes (which he very much enjoyed), and earned quite a few laughs, and even helped out another character deal with domestic abuse.
Since wrapping the series, he (Tyler, not Chris) has set out on an international tour with stops all over the United States and a few stops in eastern Canada, and more added, it seems, every other day, after which, he’ll be heading to Europe as the summer progresses. I had the opportunity to speak with Tyler before the show.
Growing up in a musical family, his parents were completely behind their son setting off to Nashville to embark on a career in music. Along the way snagging roles in movies including a part in the movie ‘Walk the Line’ playing a young Elvis Presley and playing a drug dealer named Murphy Bevins in ‘Charlie Bartlett’.
Since his first albums in 2000 and 2004, which focussed more on romantic themes, his latest album Forget The Storm seems darker, edgier but more fun and personal. He spent five years working on this album, much of the time spent in Wilmington North Carolina, while filming One Tree Hill.
Hilton has also recently started his own label, Hooptie Tune Records. He said that he enjoys having the freedom to write his own material, without having someone else telling him what direction he should be going. He finds a lot of new talent over popular social media websites Facebook (where he has a fan page, of course), Twitter ( @tylerhilton ) and YouTube (which hosts all of his latest material).

Tyler and Dion Roy, his manager.

Tyler and Dion Roy
In face, Hooptie Tune and Tyler were quite busy before coming back for One Tree Hill’s final season. When asked if series Creator Mark Schwahn knew about his record label, he wasn’t quite sure, but being able to draw from his real life experiences to fill the role allowed him to have a whole lot of fun along the way.
When asked about his girlfriend of almost five years, Megan
Park, whom he met while filming Charlie Bartlett, he said it’s been amazing having someone who is so at ease at the idea that there is going to be long distance to the relationship, though they try to see each other as much as possible in between. She happens to also be from Lindsay, Ontario, Canada!
Tyler plans to remain in the music industry for a long time, so he is focussed on remaining healthy and to avoid burnout. Does he still want to still act? He’s open to anything, from comedy to action, whatever he happens to land in the meantime would be fun.
I have to say, Tyler Hilton has to be the most down to earth nicest guy I have met. I walked in there nervous to meet him (I was let down meeting another “celebrity” years ago), but as soon as I shook his hand, yes the nerves were still there, but he’s the kind of guy that you want to hang out with.
Tyler Hilton’s “Forget the Storm” is available in stores and for download on iTunes.
Special thanks to the following people for making this amazing night happen:
- Haley Melikian, Emblum Music in Calabasas California
- Dion Roy, Singer/Songwriter and Tour Manager, based out of New York City @dionroy
on Twitter- Tyler Hilton, Singer/Songwriter/Actor @tylerhilton on Twitter

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