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Monday, February 18, 2013

Bully - review

The opportunity to review the movie Bully presented itself last week. I put it off, due to apprehension. Not because I wasn't sure about the move, but because the topic itself presented longstanding issues with me.

I was thrown into lockers, called names, attacked, chased home, shoved into corners/walls, yelled at, belittled, told I was ugly, mentally tortured, among other things growing up. Continually. Until I left high school.

I was bullied.

This is a hard film not to watch without your kids with you. If your kid(s) thinks it's funny to pick on their sibling(s), mouth off, thinks detention is funny? Then your kid needs to see this film. If you get phone calls from teachers or other parents about your child's behavior? Then your child needs to watch this film. If your child hates school, and its a struggle getting them to go? (Yet they refuse to talk to you about it?) Then your child needs to watch this film.
Wrapped into about 90 minutes, the films shows real life vignettes of life. From 2 families dealing with the aftermath of their children having being bullied, then resorting to suicide. Another has a daughter, having recently come out of the closet, dealing with being bullied. Yet another family that has no idea how bad their son is being bullied. Or the little girl serving time in a juvenile detention center after pulling a gun on her bus.

Every part of it is important to watch. For someone like myself, who was treated like dirt in every school I attended while growing up? This film made me want to scream at my television at the sheer ignorance of the school principal who thinks shaking hands is the resolution to these scenarios.

A must watch for every family.

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