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Starbucks Canada

Monday, September 7, 2009

Toopy, treehouse and my GIRLY time escapes..

You know youre a REAL mom when you hear about a new show coming to TREEHOUSE and it's in the spot of what you are used to watching at that time...

Sitting here this weekend in between job searches, with TREEHOUSE in the background, and I hear "Noddy, coming to 730's weekdays after BACKYARDIGANS"...

WAAIT a minute, hold your horses, what about IN THE NIGHT GARDEN!?!? ...and you grow anger... omg anger? anger over a childrens' show?!?! Oh god please help me... I'm getting mad at childrens' programming...

Well, at least some "dirt" shows are coming to television this week... former guilty pleasure "Melrose Place" is back! though rumors for the show online are stating somethings that seem to have probably ruined the storyline for me.. HELL! I'm STILL waiting for the next boxed set to come out from the original series from VOLUME 2 of SEASON 5!? And boy am I perturbed!

With the debt having built up, I dont have much money to be able to have my "me" I'm stuck at home finding other ways to amuse myself... found a few:

1- such a cool site that I am HONOURED to be able to be listed on... LOVE ERICA EHM!

2- TWITTER of course -- fun finding out stuff before it's announced!

3- Facebook -- when I cant call ppl I want to just message

4- Email

5- Youtube

Of course then there is Global Television where you can watch CLASSIC episodes of old shows, online magazines (Yes I have a magazine fetish, where NORMAL women have shoe fetishes - I try to get the whole "shoe fetish" thing and I don't... am I not a REAL woman? Why do I not get excited over shoes and purses!?)

And yes I work..part time... I like my coworkers, HATE the grouchy people that come into the store. No matter how much you smile and say "hello" and try to chat with them, they still have something to bitch about: - prices, having to pay for bags, complaint about someone in another department, bringing their own garbage and crankiness starters from home...

With DH out of work, and no tenant in the basement, another decision is in the works... guess we'll know when the offers (hopefully) start flowing in what the outcome will be! ..or shall we say "where.."