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Starbucks Canada

Monday, August 31, 2009


As most know, I'm not married.. 5 years now, but NOPE! no ring!

This time next year, Nov 2010 to be exact, I will have 8 gfs of mine married. dont get me wrong, I'm happy for them all.. hell I have other gfs already married! But you know what it's like when you have to sit through a wedding and ball out of the romance of it all? Try a tad of jealousy shoved in there...

i want the day for ME. I want the dress, the few close friends at it, then the party afterwards. I want the rings, the piece of paper, the legality of it all. I want to plan my own day so that people sit there thinking "wow! This is SO them!" and "wow! this is so awesome!" with the toasts, etc.. (knowing of course the toast for us would be, from one of his friends, "well I never thought this day would come.. I remember Wil when he.... then he met jen..." with the "OMG UGH!" from me.. and the brats running around, etc..and ME to get mad that theyre running around on the dance floor during OUR "first dance"...

Is it so wrong to want a day for me? A day for us?

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