Starbucks Canada

Starbucks Canada

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Probably the most annoying thing in the world..

..Try this one folks..

This girl used to come over with a girl friend of hers, to see the guys. She was pretty ticked and didn't seem to understand he had a girlfriend living with him, yet she found excuses for him to come see her outside of the house. Nothing ever happened with them.

One night we're home here and the phone rings.. it's her and the friend calling from a bar and she's loaded and pissed off.

"Put her on the phone," she says to him, so he does "Do you not realize you broke us up and came between us?" He and I are both, " no."

"Do you not realize you shouldn't trust him?" to which he responds with "what the ..?? that's not true!"

"He and I fooled around last time we saw each other, last week!" he answers, "uh no we didnt.."

"Why do you think you can trust him!?!.." then we hung up on her and promptly changed the phone number with rules for NO ONE to give them the number for here.

Two-and-a-half years later I'm 6 months pregnant, she shows up in our driveway and waits.. I tell him "Someone's out front..??" he goes to the door, "ugh crap I'll be right back.."

He's gone for 4 hours! No idea how to find him, where he's gone..

I get a message from her through someone telling me that he cheated on me with her that night, a lie.

About a year later, I befriended her friend and told her the bull she put us through, pissed off that I was pregnant, said I "took the rights to his child from her... took him from her..." etc. The friend was pretty shocked and apologized. The friend moved in.

In the last few months, the girl has moved out and in with her boyfriend, and yet I hear he's back in contact with her..even hung out with her. Her words about me? "They have a child together, I respect the child, not her." As far as she's concerned, from what I've heard, if it wasn't for our son, she'd still be trying to take him from me, that things with them have been discussed, but that she hates me -- the feeling is mutual -- TRUST ME.

I don't trust this girl at all. As far as I'm concerned? She's white trash who has yet to TRULY move on.

I wish she'd leave us the hell alone once and for all.