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Starbucks Canada

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2 yr olds and ADULT decisions to make

..what to do, what to do..

So I've taken THE SON to the doctor 3 times now. For the longest time whenever DH chases him, or he gets upset, he starts to cough and or gag then proceed to throw up. I think it's asthma..

Been to my normal doctor numerous times and now a pediatrician twice now. P thinks it is asthma, tried an inhalor, but we all know how kids feel about having weird tastes sprayed into their mouths!.. Trying a new thing: a pill form that is to be taken at night (?). We will see what that brings, then ANOTHER appointment with P in 3 weeks..if it doesnt help, then x-rays to see if something is wrong with his lungs.. GREAT! From a kid who's always sick (don't you just LOVE those people that say "omg he's sick SO often! what's wrong with your kid!?" -- can we say ARSHOLES?), to someone who we still cannot diagnose what his problem is...

Then of course there is the issue of him BALLING when I drop him off at daycare every morning... he talks about the place SO much, it's not like he hates everyone there!?

Then his sleeping patterns... since he was born, he's gotten up 3-4 times a night (even still it's TWICE! a night)... can a mommy not get any sleep or what? ..of course doesn't help that he's determined to ONLY go to bed around 10pm, when he cannot tell time yet and it's a fight to get him into his own bed... grrrr

Meanwhile, got a "job bite", I guess you can call it that. Sent my CV to an agency in B.C. to see if there is anything out there, seeing DH hates Ottawa these days.. Now if only he'd get his pardon done (from something stupid he did when he was 21 hes now 37), THEN finally apply for work since getting laid off in May..

...but it's SO much fun him being home all the time... REALLY! NOT!... he's always tired, and has the stupidest sleeping patterns...

1--Up when I leave for daycare, then work..

2--Sits in front of the computer all day thinking he'll hit GOLD with the stock market (umm hes lost more money than he's made btw..)

3--come 4pm he's finally off the computer, and spends time with us, eats something, then falls asleep on the couch til GOD knows what time (seeing he finally comes to bed around 4am, thats if he hasnt woken up at 2 or 3am, sits and plays WORLD OF WARCRAFT til we are up..)