Starbucks Canada

Starbucks Canada

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


You know what I'm tired of? DH doesnt understand that kids will make messes.. complains about the clutter, yet he leaves dirty dishes EVERYWHERE, especially when his other 2 kids are down. What do they think when they're down? Apparently I'm their slave -- when they are 12 and 14 years old.

Back to our home.

I'm trying to clean and put away toys he hasn't touched in weeks/months, yet I put something away and I get growled at. To the point I'm threatening time out.

Can I clean when hes in bed? HARDLY! I'm trying to get him back to a "decent" bed time, and I'm stuck with him going to bed around 10pm. Do I have the energy to clean then? No. Because he had me up twice during the night (YUP! At 2 hes still doing that!), then up around 6am every morning...

Is there ever "ME" time????

Can I have some????