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Starbucks Canada

Monday, September 27, 2010

...changes, so to speak, with family stats...

Cryptic, I know..but there have been some developments, which has kept me from blogging the last few months.

My grandmother passed away.

This is a woman who in my childhood, while living in Toronto, we would spend a lot of time with. In recent years, that hasnt been the case. Since the birth of my son, she never got the chance to meet him or DH. In the 6 years we have been together, with all the drama, we never got the chance to go down there and properly introduce.

There is a lot of guilt.

My mother asks me: Why? She wasn't much of a "grandmother" to you these last few years.

I insisted on being kept up to date on her health, especially after the first stroke. When the final weekend came, I had this aching feeling that THAT was it. And it was. I got the call after spending the evening at my MIL's. Then I insisted on going to her funeral, and I did.

Now we have another grandmother, our final grandparent, now in a home, having suffered numerous strokes now. The end is near.

Just a lot to take such a short time.