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Starbucks Canada

Friday, February 12, 2010

The "She Devil" herself..aka..dh's pain in MY ass ex...

We're talking about a girl, who has no education, but has 3 children from 2 different men. See she had these kids to try to snag the fathers. To avoid working in the real world. But we need to go back 15 years... (15 btw is the age of my eldest stepson..this summer he'll be that age anyhow)...

She dated her way through his friends, then dated him. She's a good 5 years younger than he is, wanted a family and to get married young. Problem? Well he wanted to do college or university and get a real job and have "fun" still with women. Her resolution? Cling her nails in further. is resolution? Sleep around. Was she in love? Yes. Was he with her? HAHAHAHA No.

Fast forward a few months, things are in the shitter, they have broken up...he's out with his friends, she shows up at his fathers house. Shes pregnant, it's his. Can we say NOT HAPPY? They have that child, though he misses the birth and said child does not have his last name, but someone manages to convince them to work on another child TOGETHER. That it'd "fix things".
It doesn't and didn't. It's over.

FAST FORWARD 8 or 9 years -- enter Jen.

She has spent the last 5 1/2 years bitching about me, telling everyone she knows him better than I do, that I have no say when it comes to those children, yet she has "every right" to know what's going on in our life. Yes the boys deserve to know, but she has no say in what WE (he and I) choose to do and decisions we make about where we live, what we're doing with our life, etc. (**FYI she uses the child support for new things in her house, shopping binges, etc... she's a mooch**)

Pretty funny that he cannot wait til he doesnt have to feed the child support through her and never HAS to speak with her again, unless needed. That he hates her.

Almost sad, but with what she's put him through? You can understand...right?